One #ITPN  #Tax Secret to Keep in Mind: the “Cheat Sheet” Formula What is the “cheat sheet” form…

One #ITPN  #Tax Secret to Keep in Mind: the "Cheat Sheet" Formula

What is the "cheat sheet" formula, you ask? Oh, it's only the breakdown of the possibility of whether or not you actually HAVE to file a federal tax return! That's right: based on your income, if you consult with us, you might discover that a federal tax return is a no-go. Less time and headaches off your plate.

With the "cheat sheet" formula, you simply find your standard deduction, add your personal exemption, and within seconds you'll find out.

But you CAN'T find out without checking in with us.

10 Tax Return Tips to Accomplish With the Network

Actually, there should be 11 tax return tips here. But the first one is important. The first tip is to click on this article and READ.

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