3 Surprising News About Mortgage Trends in Real Estate

2015 seems to be shaping up to evolve into quite the year for real estate as shown here, but let’s get down to some real numbers (after all, this is about real estate, isn’t it?). Just how is the real estate market shaping up with respect to mortgage rates? Mortgage trends? Mortgage delinquency rates? Fannie Mae even? Oh, yes, we’ve got the goods when it comes to that, and it should open up some eyes for you on whether or not it’s a good time to sell that house with some ROI in your pocket.

3 Thoughts on Real Estate Right Now: Fannie Mae, Mortgage Refinancing, and Interest-Only?real estate 2015

You got it. That’s what’s hot in the news today for real estate besides this “goldilocks effect” everyone keeps talking about for 2015 as well as the BBB A-rated HOPE Program. The shifts are happening regarding these three pieces right here.

What about Fannie Mae? Well, it appears their mortgage delinquency rate is continuing to drop (which is good, mind you). As home mortgages continue to flourish, the real estate market continues to climb. This undoubtedly leads to more flexibility, accountability and trust for prospective homeowners for a certain type of mortgage loan called “interest-only” making a comeback! We’re not kidding. And it seems even mortgage refinancing’s gaining just a bit as interest rates drop. It’s pretty obvious….

We’re Seeing Good News Now for Real Estate

Considering moving “up” in the real estate market for a better home? This might be the right time. Want to invest in real estate? No time could be better. Even home building might have a chance as we consider what’s best to invest in (home renting or home owning?). Who knows — home improvements will love the uprising trend, for sure —

Let’s hope we’re still awake when we pinch ourselves as we stare at that beautiful rent-to-own home! Because that sunshine’s looking pretty nice right now in this real estate market.